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Nova Libra's Pharmacy POS is an industry leader, here's why:

SIGIS Certified IIAS SolutionThe Nova Libra Pharmacy POS utilizes technology from two of the worlds most respected companies, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard, to provide your pharmacy with a top of the line point of sale system. Nova Libra has taken the Microsoft Dynamics RMS software platform and has added on software built specifically for the needs of an independent pharmacy. We have paired this with HP retail specific hardware that includes a three-year warranty like none other in the industry.
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Many pharmacy owners think they can't afford a POS system or that they don't need one. Yet every pharmacy makes occasional mistakes while entering prescription prices during the checkout procedure. Cashiers sometimes transpose digits, enter incomplete prices or provide "special" pricing for friends and relatives. Some pharmacists and clerks may also staple several receipts to a bag containing multiple prescriptions, and for whatever reason, they don't all get checked out properly. And even honest customers may inadvertently walk out without paying for their prescriptions.
The Microsoft Retail Management System can help eliminate these problems. With RMS, prescription receipts are bar-coded to provide accurate pricing. Any "special" pricing is recorded and tracked. A comprehensive inventory management solution for OTC and health & beauty products helps maximize profit and efficiency.
Our integrated systems track prescriptions from fill to pickup to payment. With the Speed Script bin management program you can easily determine when prescriptions haven't been picked up and should be returned to stock and third party claims reversed. Speed Script with POS integration can also identify prescriptions that were picked up, but not paid for.
Many independently owned pharmacies still provide in-store charge accounts as a service to their customers. This can be very time-consuming, both at the counter and when you post each transaction into your pharmacy system. With hand-written tickets, mistakes will inevitably occur. The Microsoft Retail Management System eliminates the need for posting hand-written tickets.
Speed Script Pharmacy Management Integration
Nova Libra and Speed Script have partnered together to offer a unique solution to independent pharmacies facing the challenges of today's competitive market. Speed Script, a leading provider of pharmacy management software has been helping independent pharmacies for over 28 years. Together we have developed software to integrate the Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) with Speed Script's Pharmacy Management System. By integrating front-end and back-end sales, pharmacies now have a total solution to store management. RMS integrates with a wide variety of leading accounting software packages used today by many pharmacies adding more value to the solution and making it easier to track third-party billing.
With the integration of Speed Script's software and the Microsoft Retail Management System, charge account balances can now appear on the Speed Script fill screens as well as on the POS register. Payments, charges, and credits can be made at both the Speed Script terminal and at the POS register. Because Speed Script handles the charge account printing, aging, and reporting functions, nursing home prescriptions don't have to be run through the POS system. This will save you time and eliminate two charge account systems.
Together both systems give you total store inventory management for both your OTC items and prescription drugs. It truly is a complete store solution!
To educate Pharmacy merchants about the new IRS regulations affecting their business, Nova Libra has developed an FSA fact sheet. This fact sheet covers all of the major issues relating to the acceptance of FSA cards.

FSA Fact Sheet (PDF, 16k)
HP has conducted a case study for their rp5700 POS hardware bundle with one of our Pharmacy customers. Fraese Drug has been very successful with a combination of Microsoft Dynamics RMS, HP retail-specific hardware, and Nova Libra's pharmacy software. Read this case study to find out how HP and Nova Libra have partnered to offer you an industry leading pharmacy POS.

Fraese Drug Case Study (PDF, 222k)

Nova Libra offers our Pharmacy POS solution in a complete bundle that includes everything your pharmacy needs to be successful. This includes hardware, software, professional on-site installation, and training with Nova Libra staff. Our tri-fold brochure gives you an overview of our total solution.

PDFNova Libra POS Bundle Brochure (PDF, 441k)

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